.If I die young.

If I die young, bury me in satinLay me down on a bed of rosesSink me in the river at dawnSend me away with the words of a love songLord make me a rainbow, I'll shine down on my motherShe'll know I'm safe with you when she stands under my colorsOh, and life ain't always what you think it ought to be, noAin't even gray, but she buries her babyThe sharp knife of a short lifeWell, I've had just enough time.

.my honeybunny.

Meet my dearest girlfriends.there are 10 of us include me.one of us are snap this picture.she is teha.We live together and make a happily life.I love them so much.We always shared a problem and happiness together.We more like sisters.If one of us was sad we try and will make sure our girlfriend will smile and laughing again.We love karaoke so much.We enjoy singing together.Hope our relationship will be last until we get married,we get child and we get older.Hope so <3

.persuasive speech.

This task were given in a group.My group include three of us, there are me,twilight,kiddo and maria.In this task, we have been told to persuade and give a confident to our client to buy our product.We choose to sold mask as our new product.We got a compliment from our lecturer about our slide show.Miss Zarinatun said our power point are interesting compare than others group.We feel so proud and happy.When we start the presentation, we try to convince our clients about our product as good as we can.At the end of our presentation we gave some questions to people and when they can answer it correctly we gave them a gift as reward.We enjoy doing this assessement and feel like we have our own product :)

.informative speech.

This is my first task that given by my lecturer,Zarinatun ilyani.This presentation required me to make a video movie maker about any topic.I choose my life as my tittle in this presentation.When make the presentaion at first i feel so nervous and excited at the same time because i love to tell people about who are in my life.My life are crowded with my family,my honeybunny and my dear one.I enjoy so much while doing this task.

if i were a television producer ?

If I were a TV Producer, I would create a TV show on the travel channel that depicts the lives of people all over the world. It would show rich people and poor people and their daily lives. It would also show their hardships we are filming. I think this would be a fun show that would also tell viewers about people all over and issues they face every day. I think this would show viewers how people all over the world live. I would also make a lot of money off of this TV show and get to travel around the world to meet the people the world.